Learning, Living, Leading, Growing, Giving Back

Activity in student groups, the arts, civic engagement, and athletics and recreation all enhance the culture of teaching and learning at F&M by allowing students to form new friendships, create meaningful and memorable community experiences, discover important life lessons outside of the classroom, and make the most of their years at F&M.

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Opportunities and Activities

As the Confucian philosopher Xunzi put it so well: "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." We invite you to get involved, to open new horizons of learning and service.

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Student Clubs and Organizations

The classroom might provide you with intellectual grounding, but the 115 or so clubs and organizations at F&M offer opportunities for fun and independent exploration of favorite topics.?

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Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that ALL members of the F&M community--students, faculty, and staff--contribute to the larger goals of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

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Housing & Dining

F&M's College Houses

F&M's College Houses are more than merely places to hang out, sleep and study. They are places to acquire and hone leadership and collaboration skills as the members of each house decide their own government structure, craft a constitution, elect leaders, discuss and plan house-sponsored events, determine how the house's substantial annual budget will be spent, and generally take charge of all the other who, what, when, why and hows of their particular collective on campus. And to help fuel all of that activity, Campus Dining provides an innovative and appealing dining services program featuring great food, honest values, and comfortable settings in a variety of locations all within easy walking distance of practically any spot on campus (and many nearby off-campus places, too!).?

College Houses

A distinctive feature of the Franklin & Marshall experience is the College House residential community. These are lively hubs of intellectual, extracurricular and social engagement governed by the students who live there. ? ?

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Residential Facilities and Services

Learn about our residential facilities, residence selection process, laundry services, shipping and storage information, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Dining Services

Franklin & Marshall Campus Dining provides great food, honest values, and a comfortable atmosphere in a variety of restaurants, all conveniently located within walking distance of on-campus housing, labs/classrooms and many off-campus apartments. ? ?

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Campus Services

Campus Services

From late-night rides around Lancaster to reserving a meeting space, to finding out if the nearest washers and dryers are available, F&M's many Campus Services provide information, resources and tools that help students and other members of the community with a broad range of?questions and needs.

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Franklin & Marshall College Life Manual

The College Life Manual is comprehensive list of the rules and regulations governing student conduct and behavior on the Franklin & Marshall campus.?

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Title IX Information

This page provides information about Title IX policy and?college resources related to reporting sexual misconduct.

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Student Wellness Center

This Center includes Health Services and Counseling Services at F&M, and is part of the Lancaster General Health system (LG Health).?

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Mindfulness at F&M

In recognizing the benefits that cultivating a mindfulness practice can bring,?Mindfulness at F&M?works with students, faculty, and staff to promote well-being, compassion, and a renewed sense of awareness across campus.??

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