Beyond Career Services


?As part of its mission to provide a world-class liberal arts education that empowers students to pursue their dreams and goals for life, Franklin & Marshall has transformed the traditional concept of? "career services" by creating the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD).

OSPGD engages students via a variety of ?programs?and continues to support them through and beyond their time at F&M.? Regardless of when F&M alumni graduate, they can turn to OSPGD for free advising, professional development, networking opportunities?and programs.

Check out?Success Beyond F&M?to see where graduates across majors have landed and enrolled after F&M.


OSPGD? prepares students for success in their lives and careers beyond college and continues to support them as alumni by:

  • Helping them explore and clarify potential career pathways;
  • Exposing them to extraordinary opportunities;

  • Preparing them to compete for the opportunities they seek; and

  • Supporting their trajectories of success after graduation.

In so doing, OSPGD supports F&M’s mission of fostering in its students and alumni self-authorship of meaningful lives and social impact.

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How can?OSPGD help you?

Engaging with the F&Mily

Beyond Career Services
OSPGD student engagement data

How do we know we are offering the type of guidance and programming that our students and alumni want and need?

A telling measure is their ongoing engagement through 1:1 meetings with OSPGD’s advisers, program participation, usage of online resources, and?F&M alumni and parent mentorship.